Your SFPE Chapter Executive Board has proposed a change to the chapter constitution, at the request of the nominating committee, to clarify the position of the members at large.  This amendment will be voted upon by members present at the chapter meeting in April, prior to the report of the Nominations Committee.  The full text of the applicable sections of the constitution is given below; the proposed change is to delete the wording that has been crossed out, highlighted in yellow.  The reasoning for the recommended change is detailed below.



Section 3 – There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the officers, the most recent Past-President active in the Chapter, and four members elected at-large.  At large members shall serve renewable one-year terms.

Section 4 – Except for the Treasurer, no officer or member of the Executive Committee shall serve for more than two consecutive terms in any one elective office, beginning with election at a Chapter Annual Meeting.


The at large positions on the executive committee serve two purposes:

  1. To retain senior leadership as a part of the executive committee to provide ongoing guidance and continuity.
  2. To serve as a learning position for new board members, without immediately putting them into an officer position.

The value of retaining some senior leadership on the executive committee is obvious.  With respect to the second item, assuming the normal succession of officers, and each taking two year terms, only one member at large would be able to move up to an officer position; all others would be required to step down.  This is not the intent of the board or the chapter, nor has it been our previous practice.

During the SFPE North America Conference held in Montreal, Quebec in October 2017, the Standing Committee on Membership and Chapter Relations (CMC) revisited key aspects of the new model and made changes to the Constitution that each SFPE Chapter needs to incorporate into their existing Constitution.  Our SFPE Chapter Board Members have amended our Chapter’s Constitution and the General Membership approved the Constitution amendments at the January 8, 2018 meeting.  

SFPE SoCal Chapter Constitution 2018.pdf


These Bylaws of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers - Southern California Chapter were adopted in March 2020  at which time all previous Bylaws were rescinded.

SFPE SoCal Chapter By-Laws Amended 3.2020.pdf

(C) Southern California Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Please contact a board member with any ideas or suggestions you have for the chapter. We would love to hear from you.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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