Our SFPE Chapter Board has been aware that the SFPE International Society has finalized their model on the chapter restructuring program.  During the SFPE North America Conference held in Montreal, Quebec in October 2017, the Standing Committee on Membership and Chapter Relations (CMC) revisited key aspects of the new model and made changes to the Constitution that each SFPE Chapter needs to incorporate into their existing Constitution.  Our SFPE Chapter Board Members have approved the International Chapter Constitution amendments to our Chapter’s Constitution which is now posted on our website.  Per our By-Laws, we need to vote on these amendments during our next scheduled Chapter Meeting which will be on Monday January 8, 2018.  Please take a moment to review and we look forward to seeing you at the January 8 meeting when we will vote on these amendments.

2017 SFPE Chapter Constitution.pdf


These Bylaws of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers - Southern California Chapter were adopted on June 1, 2007, at which time all previous Bylaws were rescinded.

By-Laws SoCal SFPE 2007.pdf

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